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1-to-1 Coaching

When I was running a national charity dealing with the day to day challenges of everything from finance to staff management, coaching offered me an essential toolkit for coping with the demands of a busy schedule. Coaching helped me develop as a leader and ensured that I made the time I needed to think through specific challenges. Over the years coaching offered accountability to keep me on track even when things got overwhelming and it offered me a safe space to talk and reflect with an trusted person outside of my organisation. Coaching was particularly helpful to me when I felt stuck, unsure about how to make a big decision or looking to take a leap into a new challenge.

Now that I’m a coach, I use my professional experience and coach training to support my clients achieve their goals. As a coach I can be a thinking partner and help you tackle whatever obstacles are in your way, from career development to work/life balance.

Try coaching with me for free

Coaching is a fantastic tool that I hope more people, particularly those of us who are juggling a lot whilst also achieving a lot, will make use of. I know just how hard it can be to find time and funds for professional development. That’s why I offer 10% of my coaching sessions pro bono, enabling you to get the coaching you need or try it for the first time, absolutely free.

How does it work?

My pro bono coaching offer includes three 1-hour sessions of 1:1 coaching, usually online (or if you are based locally in Cardiff, in person). Sessions are scheduled at a mutually convenient time, usually 2-4 weeks apart.

We’ll set out a plan for the sessions and you’ll get the tools and resources we use. During a typical coaching session, we will be setting an agenda together, defining what the session will focus on, use powerful questions, activities and resources to work through our topic and make a plan for next steps.

Interested in pro bono coaching?

I offer support tailored to you, creating a flexible and memorable coaching engagement. If you’re interested in getting three 1-hour sessions free, get in touch and we’ll have an initial chat to see how I can support you as a coach.

Coaching packages – what’s included

My approach is specifically designed for professionals working in the third sector, education and learning technology, with a focus on leadership and career development, managing change and creative problem solving. During a typical coaching session, we will be setting an agenda together, defining what the session will focus on and session objectives; using powerful questions, activities and resources; checking in on session objectives and making a plan for next steps.

What qualifies me as a coach?

As well as my professional experience, I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach and my coaching adheres to the ethical and professional standards of the the International Coaching Federation.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership”.

Share your feedback or a testimonial

If you have feedback or a testimonial I could share with future clients I’d love to hear from you.