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More than swag: #oer18 material & visual culture

As an Anthropologist I’m interested in how human beings shape to the world and relate to each other. In particular, I’m interested in how what we make, exchange or treasure articulates our relationships. This past week participants from the OER18 conference have shared a wealth of… well, you shall see. This is my story of the conference told through its material and visual culture. It is a story of swag … of badges, stickers, t-shirts ……

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Being grounded in itinerant professional practice

Recently, I have started writing a series of blog posts with my colleague Martin Hawksey. It’s an interesting undertaking in which we take an open approach to leadership, to sharing our perspective on leading the organisation we work for through a period of change towards adopting a virtual mode of operating. And it’s got me thinking on parallel lines about my own professional practice and how it’s developed over the last 20 years, from being…

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#femedtech #OER18 #OER17… because equality matters for all of us

If you have been following the reporting on the gender pay gap in the UK, then this has been a sobering week indeed. You can search for the reports from different employers here. I have had a look through many of the education providers and sector bodies that I work with and the scale of the ‘gaps’ highlighted in some of the reports is staggering. Not a surprise, given my day to day experience of…

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Developing collaboration as a virtual team

Cover image: Education is Changing by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND This is a joint post with Martin Hawksey (cross-posted here) This is the second in a monthly series of blog posts in which we take an open approach to organisational transformation. In this series we share our experiences as senior staff leading our organisation to adopt virtual operations. If you have missed the first post about how we began our journey you can revisit the story thus far here…

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Researching alternative ways of measuring impact in Learning Technology

Last year I worked on finding a sustainable new home for the Open Access journal Research in Learning Technology. As part of my work for ALT, this was the third transition I have worked on since 2008 and during this period I have contributed to the thinking around Open Access publishing in Learning Technology, often through ALT’s contribution to initiatives such as the 2012/3 ‘Gold Open Access Project‘. This year I will be working with…

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Openness: a practical value #OER18

In a few weeks, many colleagues from across the world will convene in Bristol for the OER18 Conference and from an active conference committee, and a inspiring line up of keynote speakers to a full programme of sessions about the politics and practice of openness in education there is so much to look forward to. I have been following the blog posts published on the conference site, thinking along with the debate about how open…

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Joining the launch of ALT Northern Ireland

I was really pleased to be able to join the launch of this new Members Group in person and if you are interested in finding out more about the work of the group, have a look at the ALT NI Twitter account who covered the day excellently. One of the things I reflected on in my opening keynote was the changing landscape of Learning Technology and the significance of the day, during Open Education Week,…

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Openness in education: a call to action for policy makers (cross-posted from Wonke)

I gratefully acknowledge the work of Lorna Campbell together with whom I wrote this article, and to David Kernohan for his editorial input. Read the full article on Wonke.  This week is Open Education Week, a global initiative led by the Open Education Consortium to raise awareness about free and open educational opportunities. This year it is particularly important for Higher Education as 2017 marked the anniversary of several groundbreaking initiatives that laid the foundations for…

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