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Tag: #OERxDomains21

April ’21 (WE DID IT AGAIN)

In personal news Lots happened in April and I am glad to start this month’s post on a personal note, as I was able to get my first vaccine early in the month: Grateful to have received my vaccine today 🌈🙏 — Dr Maren Deepwell (@MarenDeepwell) April 10, 2021 This was a big moment for me and I am deeply grateful to the NHS here in Wales for a super professional and easy process…

OERxDomains21 – celebrating a first of firsts

OERxDomains21 is still going on as I am writing this and I am looking forward to some great post-conference workshops closing a week of extraordinary online open education conferencing. If you haven’t already done so, there are a couple of things you don’t want to miss: All the sessions are now openly accessible to all, as part of our commitment to the Open COVID for Education pledge. Browse the keynotes, dig into research, learn about…