Learning Technology in FE

Throughout January you can participate in the online conversation about Learning Technology in FE either on Twitter using the hastag #FELTAG or by visiting the online conversation.

You can also still read my article in FE News on how institutions are taking on learning on a massive scale, or browse any of my other recent columns on technology and basic maths, building new cultures of learning and celebrating suceess.


Follow me on Twitter

mareninblackandwhiteMaking more of a concerted effort to tweet this year, which means that while you won’t be getting minute-by-minute updates, you can still keep in touch with me via @marendeepwell . And I am always looking for more inspiring Tweets to follow, too.

Rounding up 2013, ready for 2014

At the end of 2013 I participated in the Online Educa Berlin conference, amongst other things contribution to a session on Open Educational Resources with a presentation about Professional Development in the Open: Collaborative MOOC on Technology Enhanced Learning (ocTEL).

With the new year now underway, I am looking forward to getting back to work, including

  • the FELTAG online conversation, consulting the community about Learning Technology in FE #FELTAG;
  • attending this year’s Bett Show and seeing what’s new;
  • preparing for the next running of the ocTEL course in Technology Enhanced Learning.