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Tag: #Domains21

OERxDomains21 – celebrating a first of firsts

OERxDomains21 is still going on as I am writing this and I am looking forward to some great post-conference workshops closing a week of extraordinary online open education conferencing. If you haven’t already done so, there are a couple of things you don’t want to miss: All the sessions are now openly accessible to all, as part of our commitment to the Open COVID for Education pledge. Browse the keynotes, dig into research, learn about…

OERxDomains… Reclaiming the Joy of EdTech

I am really excited (just like Jim Groom), because something special is happening in April… as OER meets the Domains Conference in what I hope will be a really awesome two days! Cue ALL the hashtags, #OERxDomains, #OER21 and #Domains21. It’ll be a lot of work to pull this together and I am thrilled that we have a whole team of Co-Chairs to make it happen: Heading up the Domains strand are Lauren (Brumfield) Hanks…