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Category: Updates

Google Apps for Education (#GAFE) as a #CMALT portfolio tool

Recently I was accredited as a Certified Member of ALT (find out more here) and the key component of the scheme is a peer-reviewed portfolio. You can build your portfolio in almost any format provided that it is accessible to assessors and follows the required structure. I chose to build mine using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and here I’d like to reflect briefly on the experience: Why use GAFE? My main reasons were that…

Feedback, milestones, reflection: appraisal in a leadership position

This is the time of year for reviewing personal and professional development, for reflecting on achievements and set goals for the following year. In short, it’s time for my annual appraisal process. This will be my fourth in a leadership position and each year the process has evolved depending on the needs of the organisation and myself. What we have found works consistently: 360 degree feedback: that includes everyone who reports to me, those whom…

Learning Technology in FE

Working in FE? Tell us what you think about how learning technology can help #FELTAG — ALT – (@A_L_T) January 1, 2014 Throughout January you can participate in the online conversation about Learning Technology in FE either on Twitter using the hastag #FELTAG or by visiting the online conversation. You can also still read my article in FE News on how institutions are taking on learning on a massive scale, or browse any…

Follow me on Twitter

Making more of a concerted effort to tweet this year, which means that while you won’t be getting minute-by-minute updates, you can still keep in touch with me via @marendeepwell . And I am always looking for more inspiring Tweets to follow, too.

January 2013

Lego calendar Together with Martin Oliver from the Institute of Education, I was speaking at Bett 2013 this week on “Open Learnscapes: strategy and global collaboration”. The agenda/details are available via the BETT website. At Bett I also had the chance to find out about what LEGO is doing in education in relation to teaching children programming and engineering skills.

December 2012

Seb Schmoller speaking at Online Educa Berlin 2012 Over the past week I enjoyed attending Online Educa Berlin #oeb12, and exhibiting for ALT as part of the conference exhibition. One session, LearninG Futures: Over the Horizon, I enjoyed particularly. The session had four speakers: Seb Schmoller, Kayvon Beykpour, Michael Trucano and Ayesha Khanna, and each of them presented their take on the future of learning. During the session we focused on foundamental issues and global…

November 2012

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

June and July 2012

In this rainy summer I have not blogged very much partly because things have been busy and partly because I was on holiday. So this brief update covers both June and July.One of the things that I have been catching up with is the UNESCO World OER Congress releasing the 2012 Paris OER Declaration which calls for governments to openly licence those educational materials which are publicly funded. I find the Creative Commons Licences website…