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Topic 2: Hybrid Working Habits

This is part 2 of my free course all about Hybrid Working Habits. New here? Head over to the course information page to get started.

Welcome back!

For many of us, hybrid working offers much needed flexibility. It also comes with less impetus to leave your desk and switch off. Less commuting often means less movement and less time outside. Walking down the stairs or into the next room offers no time to mentally transition from work mode to being at home. Being more present at home meanwhile means that anyone from pets to parents blur work/life boundaries.

For this topic, we’ll focus on how to set boundaries for a better life/work balance. We’ll be exploring practical approaches to help you set boundaries and to stick to them, even when things get very busy or the demands of life get louder.

For this topic, I’d encourage you to find a quiet space to listen or to go for a walk. Try to step away from distractions for half an hour.

Lean back and listen

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Resources for this topic


  • Reflective prompts: “What do you communicate by how you work?” and also “What single thing would make your work life balance that little bit better, immediately?”.
  • Lunch break ideas for hybrid workers
  • Plan on Fridays from Laura Vanderkam’s Tranquillity by Tuesday: 9 Ways to Calm the Chaos and Make Time for What Matters

Further reading:

Take a deeper dive: Explore how our expectations and lived experience when it comes to work life balance and in the context of collaborating or meeting online compare in Chapters 1 and 2 of ⁠⁠Leading Virtual Teams⁠⁠.

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