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Maren Deepwell Posts

November 2012

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

June and July 2012

In this rainy summer I have not blogged very much partly because things have been busy and partly because I was on holiday. So this brief update covers both June and July.One of the things that I have been catching up with is the UNESCO World OER Congress releasing the…

May 2012

Over the past few weeks I have been exploring established and new Open Educational Resources including some new textbooks and courses. The Expeditions and Discoveries Open Collection at Harvard Library for example has been a fascinating source of maps, accounts and contextual materials telling the stories of journeys and their…

April 2012

With the Easter break behind us and the weather improving again it looks like spring is now properly underway and there are a lot of different things going on.  Virtual museum visits I have been enjoying walking around art galleries I’ve never visited in person trying out the Google Art…

March 2012

North sea beach As it’s March already and this site has had a rather long break over the past few weeks, here’s a bit of an update: there was a very interesting ALT webinar with Diana Laurillard and Stephen Downes, the recording of which is now available. The most recent…

February 2012

This site,, is currently being updated. Please be patient and apologies for any inconvenienc caused.  Maren

End of January 2012

It’s the end of January and I haven’t really started the year with much activity across my blogs so this is an end of month update in the hope that in February I’ll get to write something before that month is over and now that the tax return is filed.…