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It’s good to meet you. I’m Dr Maren Deepwell and I work as an independent consultant with organisations and (emerging) leaders in education and the not-for-profit sector as an executive trouble shooter, strategic advisor and coach. I am particularly interested in authentic leadership and unconventional career development, digital wellbeing and sustainability.

My academic background is in Anthropology and Fine Art and I am as passionate about pen and paper as I am about the newest digital technologies. Whether I work with a fully virtual team, facilitating a blended workshop or meeting on campus, I bring creativity and curiosity to my work as a leader and a coach.

If you are curious about the work I do, explore my free courses, resources and my podcast via which I openly share my expertise in hybrid working and professional development.

Free courses & pro bono coaching

I regularly offer free workshops and courses as well as coaching as part of my commitment to offering a minimum of 10% of my work on a pro bono basis. The following courses and course materials are currently available:

  • Hybrid Working Habits (Autumn 2023) – a free 4 part course designed to share practical tips that you can use to find ways to make hybrid working really work for you (or you team or organisation) in the long term.
  • How to Lead Virtual Teams (Spring 2023) – a free 6 part course for emerging and established leaders.

Recent posts

  • Reclaiming our socials: SUNY Digital Learning Conference 2024
    Last year’s experiment in the fediverse, Mission Mastodon, helped me onto a new path to reclaim my social media presence. At the time, I was contemplating what best to do in the face of the demise of Twitter and the fragmentation of my networks. Add a career transition into the mix, and a couple of new professional communities, too, and you will understand why I spent more time than before trying to find a way…
  • Behind the scenes of Digital Leadership
    ‘Digital Skills for Emerging Leaders’ is a new micro-credential course from the Digital Learning Institute that I am working on together with the amazing Lynne Taylerson. It’s a super project to be involved in, and it’s extra special for me as I get a change to collaborate with Lynne outside of our other favourite project: AmplifyFE. Usually we work on this kind of project at a distance, using the kind of digital skills we talk…
  • Walk’n’coach into summer
    When I first started coach training, I set myself the goal to offer walking sessions for my clients. My thinking is that pretty much all of my favourite coaching and mentoring conversations happened when walking, either outdoors or pacing up and down in my office. I like moving whilst thinking, and I like talking and walking… . I take walking meetings, and walking catch ups, so walking whilst coaching feels like a natural extension of…