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Hybrid Working Habits – It’s a wrap

Over the past four weeks I have run a free and open course all about hybrid working. This week, we are wrapping up the course for 2023, and I’d like to take the opportunity to have a BIG thank you to everyone who took part, and contributed!

I love the format of the course, which is podcast cased with new topics released every week, as it allows folk to follow the course at their own pace, and offers the option to take part synchronously, too.

Inspiration for future courses

Quite a few people who registered for this run of the course expressed an interest in the weekly sessions to drop in. With between 30-50 participants taking part in the course each week, one of the challenges for me is to find a time that works across different time zones. For future runs of the course I’d probably come up with a better timetable to give more people the chance to connect and learn together.

Another element of the course that I am keen to develop is how new topics are released. Many people taking part have a lot of other commitments to juggle, and might find it easier if all the resources and topics were available from the start. I am going to have a think and see how that might work… 🙂

What worked well?

It’s been great to see the course attract lots of listens and interaction. Although I do encourage people to register for free, only about half of the people participating in the course do. Others prefer to simply subscribe to the podcast to listen along and explore at their own pace.

The topics for the course resonated well with participants, especially those designed to help manage digital overwhelm and setting life/work boundaries. Plus, I really enjoyed recording these as well, which is an added bonus!

Course catch up

The course resources and podcasts are now freely available and you can explore topics at your own pace. The easiest way to do that is to listen to the course podcast:

The course is podcast based and new episodes released weekly on Fridays. The podcast is called Leading Virtual Teams and you can find it on: AnchorApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts and Spotify.

If you’d rather see everything at a glance, the Course information page provides a handy guide to the course and links to all previous topics:

1: Audit your hybrid working habits to find out how your current habits are impacting on you and what to change;
2: Set boundaries for a better life/work balance and stick to them even when things are busy;
3: Increase productivity away from the screen by using strategies for communicating and collaborating outside of meetings;
4: Communicate more effectively in the hybrid workplace in a way that works for you and reduces digital overwhelm.


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