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Summer coaching inspiration

I’ve put together three ideas to try out whether you are having a busy summer or taking a break. So if you are looking for some inspiration and ideas to recharge for the next academic year, have a go:

Tips for a week of complete rest

It’s taken me a long time to be able to step away from all types of work all together, and for me, having a complete week off is a big achievement.. as well as a reflection of how busy I have recently been. I took some practical steps to ensure that I had a complete break, and I wanted to share some tips that worked for me:

  • I completed a holiday handover, with my amazing colleagues and deputy, and then logged off all work systems completely on my last day at work;
  • No laptops came on holiday, and all computers at home where switched off when work ended;
  • I deleted all work-related apps from my phone or switched notifications off completely, included direct messaging, emails, and task management apps;
  • I logged out of/deleted all social media apps, like Twitter and LinkedIn, that I only use in a professional context;
  • calendar notifications were switched off or paused
  • A simply note to make a list of anything that I thought of, which were work related and which I wanted to pick up upon my return;
  • I intentionally packed books, audiobooks and other entertainment that would help me focus on things other than work.

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How to make a milestone map

Many of my clients are looking to make progress in their work or personal lives: to make a change, develop their career path or build personal habits. Many of us have goals like ‘progress in my career’ or ‘be happier’… but it can be hard to break down exactly what to do in order to achieve our aims and define what ‘success’ means to us. In this post I share practical steps to help you put your goals on paper and break them down into achievable chunks, including:

  • How to choose a format that works for you
  • How to pick your goal(s)
  • How to turn goals into milestones
  • How to check your map

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List of 100 Dreams

I am always on the look out for new tools or resources for coaching, and I want to share this one I came across in a blog post by Laura Vanderkam: It’s called a ‘List of 100 Dreams’. If this is a new concept, then head over to Laura’s blog to read more about the original exercise from Career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine and how Laura has used this exercise as part of her work on productivity and time management. The ‘List of 100 Dreams’ is exactly that: a long list of things you wish to do, have or devote time to. In essence, it’s a very long bucket list. 

I felt this was a lot of fun to try out, so if you are curious to learn more and try this for yourself, here’s how to get started.

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