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It’s good to meet you. I’m Dr Maren Deepwell and I work as an independent consultant with organisations and (emerging) leaders in education and the not-for-profit sector as an executive trouble shooter, strategic advisor and coach. I am particularly interested in authentic leadership and unconventional career development, digital wellbeing and sustainability.

My academic background is in Anthropology and Fine Art and I am as passionate about pen and paper as I am about the newest digital technologies. Whether I work with a fully virtual team, facilitating a blended workshop or meeting on campus, I bring creativity and curiosity to my work as a leader and a coach.

If you are curious about the work I do, explore my free courses, resources and my podcast via which I openly share my expertise in hybrid working and professional development.

Free courses & pro bono coaching

If you’d like to explore more, check out my free courses as well as coaching which I offer as part of my commitment to offering a minimum of 10% of my work on a pro bono basis.

Recent posts

  • Let’s Walk’n’Blog…
    Hi, welcome to this blog post which I am not typing but dictating. It is now mid-morning and I have plans to be getting on with before I have to be at my desk. So I wanted to try and write this blog post as I’m doing things… I’m making some coffee just now and I’ve just come back from walking the dogs. So it is a good time to blog but not a good…
  • The year in blog posts… so far
    As I am half way through the year, I am taking a look back at what I have blogged so far, and in the best tradition of the form, to blog about blogging once again. And, if you missed one of these, now is a good time to catch up and bookmark posts for future reading. Blogging in numbers 2024 has been a good year for blogging (it’s always a good year for blogging!). I…
  • New course coming up… autumn 2024
    I regularly offer dedicated workshops and short courses for leaders and managers who manage people or projects in hybrid or fully remote settings. Over the past two years I have run several of these and each cohort has been a wonderful experience. Although much of my work now is focused on helping other organisations design and build similar offerings for their own staff, I love the freedom that running my own courses offers – both…