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Career transition update: May 2023

In this month’s update, I want to share how things are going now that we are entering a very busy period, both in ALT’s year and my coaching business.

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Reflecting on the past month at ALT…

This month at work has been incredibly busy, but also included a wonderfully relaxing week of annual leave! May is the month in which we review progress made in Q1, finalise our annual accounts, start working on our Annual Conference in earnest and… a host of other activities that keep everyone across the organisation very busy.

May was also the month in which the recruitment process for my successor stepped up a gear, which added more tasks to the days of Trustees and staff alike. It’s been a very rewarding and illuminating process, which I feel very positive about. Thinking back to my own ordeal applying for this role, from the extensive prep, to the nerve-racking interview days, to extensive online tests and skills scenarios… I feel for everyone involved. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a CEO application and even more to be successful at the end. Hats off to all who applied and threw their hats into the ring.

I am very much looking forward to the public announcement introducing ALT’s next CEO, which will be coming out next month, so keep an eye out on all our channels 🙂

… in other news

I have been working hard on a brand new project that is concluding this week: How to… Lead Virtual Teams: The Course! It’s the first course I have developed for my new venture and it’s been a fantastic project. The course took place over seven weeks in April and May. As a podcast based offering it afforded a lot of flexibility and tailored support for managers and leaders and attracted around 50 participants from across sectors.

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It’s been fantastic to wrap up the first successful run of the course, and interesting to read contributions and reflections from those involved. Definitely a project I am hoping to repeat come autumn.

My formal coach training is continuing this month, and investing in my own professional development is really important just now. Working with more and less experienced coaches and mentors is really helping me understand more about how to develop my own approach and what aspects of coaching I want to focus on.

I am still looking for clients for the summer, so if you’re interested in coaching with me, head over to my coaching page for more information or just get in touch for an informal conversation. I currently offer discounted packages and for professionals who are not supported by their employer and for whom cost is a barrier to coaching, I also offer pro bono coaching sessions.

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