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Starting a new course #DigitalScholar and discovering a new platform

cd861-lecture_in_progressThis evening was my first introduction (or ‘live learning moment’) to the new #DigitalScholar course. If you want to take a look at what this course run by the Geneva Learning Foundation is all about, have a look at the course announcement (course starts on Monday, 4th July 2016).

This course is a new adventure for me, a new opportunity for CPD but also a chance to discover a new platform: Scholar. I haven’t tried this one before – but the course community will also be using Slack, a tool I’ve only recently started using and found quite useful even for a complete novice.

My aim is to make the most of this course by designing a new course outline in Scholar, hopefully focusing on reflection as part of CPD and aligned to the CMALT framework that I help develop in my day job for ALT. I like the idea of starting a course with a clear aim in mind already – that works for where I am in my thinking just now. Also, the organisers are very clear about me, as a participant, making a clear commitment to spend time actually working on the course. It feels very transparent and engaging and I really want to try and support this kind of peer-based learning as a participant.

So, I am at the brink of jumping into this new community. I’ve set up my account, signed up for the platform and started making a few connections – but largely this is a leap into the unknown. I can’t wait for Monday 🙂