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Thank you for an awesome year in coaching

This week I am kicking off blogging with a BIG thank you to all my coaching clients and fellow coaches for an amazing year!

I am really proud to have completed all components of my first milestone credential as a professional coach – thanks to Katie Linder’s inspiring training programme and all the coaches I have met and connected with through this supportive network over the past two years.

As I wait to complete the formal credentialing process it’s interesting to look back to when I started coach training in January 2022. At that stage I wasn’t expected that two years later coaching and mentoring would become such an important part of my professional practice. It’s been a fantastic fit for me from the start, and throughout the training process I have learnt so much about leadership and professional development.

Until October all of my coaching and coach training had to be accommodated alongside a very full on job, and I am grateful to have hit the milestone of having worked with 25+ clients in the past year! Mostly individuals, and also a few teams, have been part of my work and I am grateful to everyone who’s connected with me about coaching.

It’s been a huge privilege to share your journeys and a whole lot of fun to put curiosity at the heart of exploring work, life and everything in between. This year I have worked with academics, edtech professionals, leaders and their teams, founders and entrepreneurs – and I am already looking forward to what 2024 has in store for us! 

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