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Deckchair days

Since the summer I have a deckchair in my office. And I love it.

It’s a space saving and relatively cheap piece of furniture that offers an alternative place to sit, relax and read. It’s strange that I never thought of having one before. Once I put it up in my office, I was immediately convinced.

Of course, not everyone has a home office and not everyone has the space for an additional piece of furniture, but if you do, then I could strongly recommend a deckchair. Even the dog has taken to sleeping in it (currently with it covered in warm woolly blankets of course) and I am a frequent user, particularly if I am fortunate enough to have a video-less meeting.

More importantly, it enables me to find much needed balance and cheer on days that are tough for whatever reason. Those days when you don’t want to get out of bed, much less go to work.

In my job being self-motivated enough to lead an organisation day in day out is essential. And of course, like every other CEO out there, I have days on which I find it easy and a pleasure, and days when the opposite is true. Enter the deckchair.

Whether in real or metaphorical terms, it really helps get me through those days with a little more fun, a bit more relaxed and a lot more convinced of making the rights calls.

Lastly, having a deckchair in my office is a daily reminder of the wonderful work of a person I much admire. If you haven’t come across her ‘Music for Deckchairs‘ then head over there now. Kate, you are an inspiration 🙂