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September ’21: a late update

My post looking back at what I have been up to this month is a bit later than usual, as my month ended with some well deserved holidays.

A holiday photo of the Welsh coast at sunset.
Wales, UK

Once I got back there was a lot to do and catch up on, but September had so many highlights that it feels good to look back now:

Annual Conference

I very much enjoyed this year’s event. Lots of resources and videos from the conference are now available openly:


This month in blog posts I have published on this blog:

  • LOOKING FORWARD TO MY 12TH ALT ANNUAL CONFERENCE – COMPLETELY ONLINE. My first ALT Annual Conference was in 2009 in Manchester (I missed the first year I was working for ALT because I was submitting my PhD that September).
  • DIGITAL DETOX – WELLBEING WEEK. A couple of weeks of spending long days online and working hard have prompted me to embark on this year’s digital detox. The last one I did was in November 2020 and focused on the Data Detox Kit. This time, I am going to focus on an approach for wellbeing for my physical rather than my digital self.
  • DIGITAL DETOX – PART 2. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about embarking on a digital detox, and as in previous years, I put a new (to me) process to the test. Here is what happened this year, what worked for me and what didn’t:
  • JOB SATISFACTION FOR VIRTUAL TEAMS. At the moment I am writing on Chapter 1 of the Leading Virtual Teams Book, and this chapter covers recruitment and selection as well as starting out as a virtual team and making the move from office-based to virtual. One of the things I have been thinking about as I am writing, is what makes it rewarding to work in a virtual team and how those of us who are permanently home-based measure success.

Book progress

I have been working on Chapter 2. It was great to work in this chapter as it includes a lot of practical strategies and case studies, which were fun to revisit.

Next, I will be working on Chapter 1, Setting out as a virtual team.

I have completed drafts for three of the six chapters now, and I am a total of 29,000 words into the process, which means I am halfway to a complete draft.

Read this month’s book post.

Upcoming talks and events

I have updated my running list with new events I am taking part in or speaking at:

  • Discussion Panel: Higher Education Conference: Ignite HE – From Response to Revival, 7 of October 2021;
  • Developing ethical approaches to learning technology, article in Future of EdTech Q3, Education Technology in Business and Industry, 23 September 2021;
  • Keynote: Transforming Learning Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, 14 September 2021;


A picture of Posey, the puppy, in her red basket in my office.
A picture of Posey, the puppy, in her red basket in my office.