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Goodbye, January – I’m heading downtown

It’s finally January 31st – and I am still standing. Things continue to be bleak, and whilst I am lucky that COVID hasn’t killed me and neither has boredom… work continues to feel like it’s busier than ever!

In cheering news

So… it’s time to celebrate the positives of this month, starting with the best musical moment of the month:

My colleague Debs singing ‘Downtown‘ by Petula Clark on Thursday night at a virtual karaoke leaving do was super life affirming and joyous! The tune has been in my head ever since and it was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks to Jim Groom’s inimitable hosting, this was one online staff celebration with heart!

Jim’s work inspired another highlight of my month, sharing the opening of Reclaim Arcade on Twitter and beyond, lighting up social media in HUGE VHS TAPES and neon. I am so much looking forward to visiting the arcade in Fredericksburg, Virginia on day!

Congratulations to Jim and the whole crew on a wonderful new venture 🙂

Also… I have BLOGGED!

Including this one, I have already written 9 (nine!) blog posts this year.

I wrote some ‘getting back into work’ at the start of the month including this post on feeling like I have a whole new job.

Also, some posts on virtual teams and leadership, a highlight of which has been this post Celebrating 3 years as a virtual team – an #altc perspective: a joint post by the whole ALT staff team written as we celebrate our three year anniversary as home-workers, running the leading professional body for Learning Technology as a virtual organisation and successfully charting a way through the ups and downs that the last three years have brought for us as a team.

And also writing about OERxDomains and AmplifyFE.

Small things have made a big difference this month:

It snowed and that transformed the world around me…