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Virtual Teams: openly sharing our approach to leadership

Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) and Maren Deepwell (@marendeepwell) publish a monthly series of posts openly sharing our approach to leadership.

If you are new here, you can catch up on earlier posts and podcasts below or find out more about ALT, the organisation we work for as senior staff. We really appreciate comments and feedback and welcome questions or suggestions for future posts.

All posts and podcasts are cross-posted on Martin’s blog here.



  • Virtual Teams: Applying order to chaos – This time we’re talking about team culture, upgrading workflows, the ISO9001 Standard, the MIT90s Framework, our dislike of management terminology and the impact of being busy on communication and collaboration as a virtual team.
  • Virtual Teams: Things that don’t look broken still need fixing – we discuss equality, online collaboration and ‘The Open Organization Leaders Manual’.
  • Virtual Teams: special #femedtech podcast edition – we share our reflections on how to promote equality in a distributed organisation and our joint keynote for the University of the Highlands and Islands on International Women’s Day 2019.
  • Virtual Teams: When things get personal – we talk about professional development, meeting around a collaborative document, share tips for online meetings and examine the impact of your set up for home working.
  • Virtual teams: a special podcast edition – With the transition to becoming a distributed organisation and one year of leading our virtual team under our belt, we reflect on the highs and lows, the good and the bad and most importantly on what’s ahead as we continue to develop this project in open practice. 



  • Podcast 1: our first podcast, looking back at the first six months as a virtual team.
  • Podcast 2: recorded at the end of our first year of this project, we look back at some of the highs and lows, plan for what’s ahead and discuss how you do Secret Santa as a virtual team.
  • Podcast 3: in which we discuss @femedtech and equality as well as International Women’s Day.