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Fully fledged coach, ACC

This week I passed my final exam and earned my ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation! It’s taken me two and a half years to achieve this milestone, so there’s much to celebrate.

Coach Training complete, for now

I’ve reflected previously on my coach training journey and I remain very impressed with the overall process (even though the final proctored exam made my edtech heart bleed). Initially I was focused on using coaching approaches within an executive role, and at the moment I use coaching in most of the work I do in different ways. It’s a valuable skills to have in all sorts of contexts, and it makes me better at being in a leadership role.

Coaching is very much an evolving practice and so I am looking forward to being active member of the professional community, to continue learning with and from my peers and to explore new ways of coaching.

What’s next

As I start this new chapter in my coaching practice, what I do and how I support my client is evolving, too. Alongside coaching individual clients I have started to coach more groups and teams, particularly leadership teams of hybrid organisations and groups keen to increase wellbeing at work. There’s an exciting new project in the works that I am hoping to share more on soon.

For individual clients the start of the summer season will see walk’n’coach sessions as part of my formal offering, starting with my established clients (with whom I already have built a rapport and a sense of trust). Usually, this would be coaching via a phone call, or, geography permitting, we might also meet in person. 

That is alongside my existing video coaching and email check-ins, and I am also adding coaching moments by post, offering occasional letters and printed resources to help connect more deeply.

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