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Non-fiction writing: May 2024

Usually I publish a post about things I am reading every month, but this time, I wanted to share an update on things I am writing instead. Some of you may have already spotted that one of the menu items on my blog has changed from ‘book’ to ‘books‘; together with this blog post it’s the first sign of things to come as there is indeed a new book in the works.


New book – coming 2025

This new book will continue my work on hybrid working from Leading Virtual Teams which was published in 2022. It will also expand on that and have a much greater focus on long term hybrid working, how it impacts our senses and wellbeing. There’s so much to explore, and drafting the chapter outlines has got me very excited about the research and interviews ahead.

One of the key relationships I am interested in exploring is between human beings and technology, and the radical shifts in the balance of power in the workplace (as in the classroom) with the advent of AI and surveillance technologies.

This new book won’t be a solo project, but a wider collaboration with case studies and interviews with leaders and experts. If you are interested in contributing, look out for an open call for contributions in the coming months. For now, I am happy to say that I have found a co-author and editor, who will come on board over the summer and bring considerable research prowess, publishing experience and excellent tea making skills to the project. We plan to conduct chapter reviews walking through the summer woods.

It’s important to me that the process of creating the book reflects the values and themes that we will focus on in each chapter, taking things at a pace that allows for careful reflection and work/life balance. Needless to say, the content of the book will be 100% written by humans (well, maybe 99% human, 1% canine).

I look forward to sharing more about this project as it develops and will share updates on the blog and the podcast in the coming year.

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