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Coaching news – July 2022

As we head into summer, I have been taking a break from work and headed to the Welsh coast for a well earned break. I am continuing my work with a number of clients over the summer, but having just completed my current coach training I will also have time to focus on other aspects of my practice including catching up on a whole host of books I am hoping to read. 

Whatever your plans for the coming months, I hope you find some rest ahead of the new academic year and enjoy the warmer weather. 

Blog posts and resources

This month I am sharing a blog post reflecting on different frameworks to think with. Not necessarily to adopt them whole, but because they usually offer me small nuggets of inspiration. It’s helped me find new ways to explore traits, motivations or fears and also where to turn if you can’t find a framework that feels right for you: Read Nuggets of inspiration: how we work and what works for us .You can find free coaching resources via my website and this time I have two new posts to share: try out a resource to help you reflect on different modes of working, whether from home, hybrid or in the office and exploring Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies and find out about what type of accountability works best for you: 

Current coaching offers

For existing clients who feel like you are just getting started or want to continue our work together I offer a discounted package of six sessions for £210 which includes six one hour sessions, a coaching plan, resources and accountability check-ins. 
Although I currently have no slots for new pro-bono clients, I do have a wait-list for new pro-bono clients looking to start coaching with me in autumn.