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Empowering agency and expertise for EdTech futures

This week, I am looking forward to speaking at Bett for the first time in a few years, having missed last year’s event with Covid 🙁 . This year however promises to be a lot of fun, and I am excited to speak alongside two inspiring colleagues: uiyin Wong and Julie Voce.

Here is what’s in store for our session:

The Association for Learning Technology was established 30 years ago, in 1993. Since then, much has changed! Yet as the decades have become ever more digital, our focus on the central role of human agency and expertise has remained strong. This session brings together findings from benchmark surveys, insights from leaders and practical resources to help tackle professional development and recognition challenges in the sector. We will share new findings from ALT’s Annual Survey 2023, charting how practice is shifting in the sector and what institutions are investing in. We will also reflect on the continued challenges rapid digital transformation poses for staff development and professional recognition.

If you are heading to the event this Friday, we hope to see you at the session and look forward to saying hello.

Whether you are joining us or not, you can also explore the key findings from ALT’s Annual Survey which are now available online:

This year, the survey explores the main trends in learning technology with a focus on the digital transformation, that includes:

  • The top nominated tools as the software of the year
  • Models of learning in the UK
  • Biggest challenge for digital transformation

This survey is available to provide an insight into how Learning Technology is being used across sectors as well as identifying emerging trends in current and future practice.