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Small celebrations

A month of sharing what matters.

Last month I wrote a post about feeling frustrated with a sense of never achieving enough:

I am embarking on a month of celebrating daily success: every day I am going to note a success and I am going to share it publicly to help hold myself accountable.

It doesn’t matter to me how big or small a thing it is, from getting out of bed to finding five minute of peace to have a cup of tea, finishing a report or responding to a difficult email. It all counts.

The kind of successes I want to celebrate and remind myself about are things that matter in my life day in, day out. I am not looking to mark achievement of the organisation I run or evaluate my performance. I have other places and processes for that. This is really about finding some balance in my own perspective.

To start with, I am going to share a success from each of the past few days, back to the start of the month, and after that I’ll post each day and share what happens.

Did it work?

I posted a list of anything that mattered to me, something I felt was important or achieved from the 1st until the 31st July. I posted nearly every day, mostly on Twitter and Instagram and I really appreciated comments from people who shared their own small successes with me (thank you!).

What I shared falls into a couple of categories: work (7), personal wellbeing (8), work/life balance (7), family (6).

Most helpful for me was to gain a sense of achieving what’s important to me on any given day, and reflecting on what that was. As I mentioned in my original post, one aim for this exercise was not to be too focused on formal achievement at work, and instead to take a more wholistic view of my days.

Sharing a success each day felt quite cheerful, and often my daily calendar reminder prompted me to see my day in a different light.

I also found it fun to see what others were sharing or read the comments and DMs.

My list of successes

  • 1st July: I went to the beach
  • 2nd July: I completed stage 2 of coach training
  • 3rd July: I ate well
  • 4th July: I cleared my inbox after a week off
  • 5th July: I blogged
  • 6th July: I sorted out a lot of family admin
  • 7th July: I published this post 
  • 8th July: Today’s success is to get work, pro-bono work, family support and life admin all to a place where the weekend can begin… with a long walk.
  • 9th July: today’s success is resting & spending the day largely offline
  • 10th July: picked a new colour to paint my home office
  • 11th July: got a lot done despite the hot weather
  • 12th July: Progressed three big governance projects
  • 13th July: reported the successful outcomes of a project that started in Feb ‘21
  • 14th July: today’s success is to get to work 45 min late… after waking up to domestic & canine chaos.
  • 15th July: had a lovely lunch with a friend
  • 16th July: processed my week with a largely offline day
  • 17th July: signs of growth on the office plants
  • 18th July: –
  • 19th July: got a deckchair in my office
  • 20th July: I did A LOT of work
  • 21st July: cleared the decks at work ahead of a week of family care & support
  • 22nd July: some editing on the book
  • 23rd July: slept till 8:00am
  • 24th July: had a calm and relaxing day
  • 25th July: parental move day 1
  • 26th – 29th July: more parental move
  • 30th July: rested and had fun
  • 31st July: slept until 7:50 am