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Updating my Senior CMALT: part 1

It’s been three years since I first gained Senior CMALT Accreditation and I have found it extremely valuable to have this accreditation. I continue to undertake CMALT peer assessments and find this, too, an important way for me to continue my professional development.

My Senior CMALT Badge

Updating my portfolio

ALT requires portfolios to be reviewed and updated every three years in order to maintain Senior Certified Member status and I am afraid my three years were up in late 2021. I applied for an extension (last year was manic for many reasons), and now I need to get underway with my review process.

I have had a look at the guidance first (I haven’t actually ever updated my portfolio before) and here is what I need to do:

First I am going to have a look at my original Senior CMALT portfolio. Then, I need to add the following sections:

  • Summary of recent work/practice (500 words)
  • Overview of CPD activities over the past 3 years, with 3 examples discussed and reflected on in greater depth
  • Updated future plans (300 words)
  • Updated Confirmation and date

I am not sure what I am going to use as examples of CPD activities over the past three years yet, but I am going to get started on updating the other sections.

Sign-posting updates

My portfolio is a Google doc and a number of related files, all shared by a folder. For the three year review I am going to make a copy of my original document, re-name it and update that.

To make it easier to assess, I am going to highlight the updated sections.

I am going to start this week with the update process, and aiming to get everything ready within the next month.