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Kindness, mental health and radio full of rainbows

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and currently every day feels like it should have its own campaign and come complete with support resources. Head to the dedicated website to find help, advice and support or get involved and show some kindness to those in need.

When I hear people talk about how well they are coping with ‘the new normal’ I can only hope that they mean being able to have effective online meetings. Because this… period of time… is not normal in any way and neither at work nor in my personal life is there a single person who is not affected or whose mental health is not suffering.

Fortunately, I have people in my life, some professionals and some family and friends, who are there to support me through tough times – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle. I do. I have to ask for help all the time and I find it just as hard as the next person. As a leader, as a competent person, as someone who many people think of “being always OK and having it sorted” I try and make that as visible as I can. It’s important to set an example to show that it is OK to need support, to not have all the answers.

An extra delivery of care & affection xxx (CC-BY Maren Deepwell)

Spending time with friends and spreading some kindness was also the theme on our Sunday Special Radio Show on DS106Radio this week. You can catch up on the recording here . We played a show of only requests from listeners who got on touch via Twitter, requests for family, for friends, for lovers and lost ones.

I’ll let these tweets tell you the story:

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