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2018: my year in miles and sunrises

I started running a few years ago and unexpectedly found I love it. Ever since, I am grateful for every mile and every moment it brings me.

Whether I’m catching the last light of the day or the first… I run to get some head space, to escape, to move, to breathe, to reflect, plot and plan. Sometimes I solve problems or work out talks whilst I run, other days I follow a training plan, sometimes I run to achieve a certain distance (hello, first few Half Marathons!) but most often I run to keep things balanced in my life, to be in the landscape in different seasons, feel heat, cold, wind or rain on my face.

This year had a lot of running lows, like struggling with breathing (yep, asthma) and dusty, noisy building sites springing up along every route (affordable housing being built where I live starts at 560k and requires a 4×4… otherwise I would positively welcome new developments) and also various injuries, aches and pains.

But there were more joyful, positive moments, a few races run, many sunrises seen, cats met and running friends made. There were light bulb moments as good ideas suddenly came to me at mile 4, improvised water stations prepared by my dad for long distance training during the heat wave, there were new trainers & kit (more than I would care to admit, but who can say no when it’s such a pretty colour ;)…

Besides the highs and the lows, there were all the miles that simply went past below my feet, step by step. Most were covered on roads and paths, some on more adventurous terrain, very few fortunately on the treadmill.

Running for me is a largely solitary pursuit but I like taking a picture when I spot something that I like on my way. So here are some of my favourite snaps from 2018, some of my favourite miles and sunrises – from me to you with my best for 2019.

2018 running snaps