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Openness in education: a call to action for policy makers (cross-posted from Wonke)

I gratefully acknowledge the work of Lorna Campbell together with whom I wrote this article, and to David Kernohan for his editorial input. Read the full article on Wonke. 

This week is Open Education Week, a global initiative led by the Open Education Consortium to raise awareness about free and open educational opportunities.

This year it is particularly important for Higher Education as 2017 marked the anniversary of several groundbreaking initiatives that laid the foundations for what we now recognise as the open education movement. 2017 saw the 15th anniversary of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, and the release of the first Creative Commons licence, the 10th anniversary of the Cape Town Declaration, the 5th anniversary of the UNESCO Paris OER Declaration, and it was also the year that the new UNESCO OER Action Plan was launched.

Read the full article on Wonke.