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April 2011

Already a quarter of the year is over and the tax year is coming to an end as well, which means it’s time of year end procedures and looking forward. Planning dinner 4-6 months ahead may seem a little excessive, but when you are growing all the non-animal part of your meal, it’s never to soon to start.
Cemeteryscapes is currently running a series of posts on objects and cemeteryscapes, starting with boneyards in the US. If you are interested in the burial, recycling or decay of objects, particularly large ones, this is a good time to send us your contribution. 
My personal blog is also getting ready for the greener time of the year and you can follow my experiments with new plants this year, particularly my first cucumber plants. At the start of March I also celebrated 25 years in education, which not only points to a relief that formal education is for now a thing to be enjoyed by others, but also to the way in which learning never stops.