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February 2011

This month sees the first birthday of my personal blog. To mark the occassion I have written a review of the first year of posting, which you can read here. The review also contains a countdown of the 5 most read and shared posts over the past year: At number five its “Chutney & air travel” (the chutney was a first attempt, but utterly delicious, in case you are interested). At number four – “On happiness on a national scale” – a topic which I am sure we will all hear more about in future. Number three is a seasonal favourite: “Decorating the Christmas Tree“, which I am afraid may become a recurring theme as it’s one of those activities I cannot do without. In second place, and my personal favourite because of the things it made me think about when I wrote it, are my “Thoughts on Education – Standing out from the crowd in 4,000 unformatted characters“. Yet the undisputed front runner and most popular post in the past year has been an unexpected one, one which was about finding something and wanting to share it with you: a knitted sausage dog
Meanwhile Cemeterscapes has also had an influx of contributions on topics such as aerial photography of cemeteriesbirds in cemeteries and a very popular guest contribution from Sebastion Linnerz: 11 ANGELS.
Finally, work on updating and adding content continues and announcements regarding progress will be posted here.