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The year in blog posts… so far

As I am half way through the year, I am taking a look back at what I have blogged so far, and in the best tradition of the form, to blog about blogging once again. And, if you missed one of these, now is a good time to catch up and bookmark posts for future reading.

Blogging in numbers

2024 has been a good year for blogging (it’s always a good year for blogging!). I published 35 blog posts in the first six months of the year, slightly fewer than last year (43), but still an average of six per month. March was the month with the most posts (thanks to lots of things to say about open education) and June was the month with the fewest (thanks to a deeply relaxing two weeks away and offline).

Top 5 posts

  1. Post with the most comments: Twenty years of blogging… now on ReclaimPress
  2. Post that was shared most widely: A milestone moment on my coaching journey
  3. Post that was read most widely: What happens to our senses in the hybrid workplace?
  4. Post that had the most successful podcast companion episode: Six months of gold dust.
  5. Post that I enjoyed writing the most: The joy of not working.

January (6)

February (6)

March (8)

April (5)

May (6)

June (4)

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