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Input welcome: promoting equality in Learning Technology through openness

I am working on a slide deck to give a short presentation at the upcoming EdTech2017 conference (1-2 June, Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland)on promoting equality in Learning Technology through openness. The proposal I submitted already includes a number of examples, but the inspiring (and still growing!) list of blog posts following the OER17 conference has made me consider what else I might include. In particular, there are two aspects of my talk I am going to be researching further and if you have any suggestions or references any input is most welcome:

  • “Where are we now”… in terms of equality in Learning Technology. I am thinking both about the edtech sector in general and the way in which the use of technology for learning, teaching or assessment can help promote equality;
  • Reading and ideas for good practice. As this is a short talk I’d like to include a list of where to go next so that participants can follow up further.

If you can contribute any references or other ideas, please leave a note in the comments or via Twitter to @marendeepwell . Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Input welcome: promoting equality in Learning Technology through openness”

  1. Hi Maren – what a great idea for a presentation for the EdTech conference. I’m very sorry I won’t see you there this year (I’ll be heading away on holiday just then) but you have many friends in Ireland after being here for last year’s conference 🙂

    As for resources re: equality and learning technology, there are many I’d recommend. Some wonderful scholars who write and speak frequently about equality issues are Laura Czerniewicz (@czernie, e.g. ), Paul Prinsloo (@14prinsp, e.g. ), and Chris Gilliard (@hypervisible, e.g. ). For anyone interested in learning more about –and engaging in– equality-related issues/conversations around data ownership, digital redlining, surveillance capitalism and more, these are wonderful people to learn from & with (and wonderful people, full stop 🙂 ).

    I’d also recommend a recently published book, ‘Digital Sociologies’, edited by Jessie Daniels, Karen Gregory, and Tressie McMillan Cottom. Here’s a short description: “Rooted in a critical understanding of inequality as foundational to digital sociology, it connects digital media technologies to traditional areas of study in sociology, such as labor, culture, education, race, class, and gender. It covers a wide variety of topics, including web analytics, wearable technologies, social media analysis, and digital labor” and here’s a link:

    I could also mention the writing of Audrey Watters, Zeynep Tufekci, Neil Selwyn, and more… but I’ll stop for now 😉 I’ll look forward to following your presentation or blog – I’m just sorry I’ll miss the live event. The very best of luck and enjoy Sligo!

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