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Reports as chief executive of ALT

In my role as chief executive of the Association for Learning Technology, I write regular reports on the work we do with and for our members. You can read all of the recent reports in ALT’s online newsletter. In my most recent report I mentioned ALT’s new Annual Survey, findings from which have been published at the end of February 2015. The report and the related data are now openly accessible via ALT’s Open Access…

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Reflections from the Bett show 2015 on the future of technology for learners

…”At the Bett show we heard from two Ministers, who each shared their vision for the future of technology in education. In my work for the Association I have been involved in Education Technology Action Group (ETAG), as well as the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG), and I listened with interest to find out which ideas and recommendations would be included in their speeches. Both Ministers duly acknowledged the role of Learning Technology,…

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How are you meeting the FELTAG challenge?

…”In recent months there has been much talk of the implications of FELTAG, the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group. Much of this has been focused on understanding what constitutes online delivery and what the implications of having to achieve a certain percentage of online delivery are. One clear implication is that more teachers, technicians, managers and support staff will be using technology for learning, teaching and assessment. This means that more of us will…

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Big data? Learning analytics? Do you know enough about your learners’ data and what you do with it?

…”With policy and commercial developments firmly focused on ‘big data’ and all that entails, I was interested to come across quite a few sessions and speakers talking about how we use data in learning, particularly formal education at ALT’s Annual Conference earlier this month. Earlier in the year, as part of ALT’s work for ETAG, the Education Technology Action Group, we had invited contributions from a range of individuals and organisations and received what I…

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Conferences in September and October #altc, #fote14, #civicon14, #ALN14

With September nearly here I am getting ready for conferences starting with ALT’s annual conference from 1-3 September at the University of Warwick. If you are curious to find out more you can read my preview of the conference in FE News or visit the online conference platform. While I don’t lead any sessions, I am really looking forward to the programme, including many member-led events, which is great to see. You can watch keynotes…

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Curiosity, badges, new stuff… running and participating in ALT’s open course, ocTEL

For the past week I have been involved in running ocTEL, the open course in Technology Enhanced Learning – version 2.0. As well as helping with running the course, I have also done my bit to participate and now that the first few days are behind me, I want to reflect on my expectations of the course as a participant/organiser hybrid… . So, first up, what am I hoping to achieve by participating? Like everyone…

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Adventures in screen-casting

Time for a new tool, a new way of sharing “how to” knowledge. This time, I am hoping to use screencasting to make a series of short videos for the purpose of contributing helpful resources for staff development. My subject to start with is financial management. Doesn’t sound too exciting, so that’s why I am hoping video will help. This way, colleagues will be able to refresh their knowledge of processes which may only happen…

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Thinking about technology, learning and the immortality of artificial intelligence

Recently there has been an upsurge in articles about artificial intelligence and how, according to Google’s Ray Kurzweil at least, by 2029 machines will supersede us, become better at doing the things we do every day. The idea, as I understand it, is that machines will be able to develop their own kind of consciousness, a sense of humour – in short be able to communicate with us as a fellow human being would. On…

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The new LEGO house

[vimeo 67740255 w=500 h=281] This is a short video about the new LEGO house (work in progress) in Billund, Denmark. Designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, the approach to the design is part of the LEGO philosphy – “Inventing the future of play through systematic creativity” (you can read the full info here). It’s a really exciting idea. Can’t wait to see it become brick-reality.

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