I am the chief executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and I work as a Learning Technologist and Anthropologist. I am an Open Practitioner with a special interest in leadership, equality and open education.

Picture of Maren Deepwell

As a trained sculptor I can carve marble, but nowadays I focus on bringing about change through policy, community engagement and open governance.  Whilst much of my work is in the UK, I am bilingual in English/German and I use my other language skills to keep up with developments in education and technology across the globe and beyond the English speaking nations.

My studies in art and anthropology have given me an appreciation for the importance of criticality, history and theory and how they inform our understanding of education and technology. I am a fan of new technology, a geek at heart, but not one to embrace innovation unquestioningly.

Working with volunteers and diverse stakeholders I take a collegiate approach to leadership. People are what really matters to me and I still do as much coaching and training as I can for projects and day to day, although less formal teaching in the classroom. I am a carer and spend time supporting Cancer Research together with my family, mainly through charity walks and runs. I work together with other women in leadership roles to provide networking, support and mentoring.

Much of my writing on this blog is about Learning Technology and professionalisation but I also write about other things that interest me, like story telling, running and LEGO. I link to talks, reports and columns published elsewhere.

Getting in touch

  • If you are contacting me about anything related to ALT, please email enquiries@alt.ac.uk and I will be in touch.
  • For anything else, including invitations to talk, write or other projects, please contact me directly.